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Longcombe Cross

Sisyrinchium 3L

Sisyrinchium 3L

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Sisyrinchium striatum, common names pale yellow-eyed-grass or satin flower, is a semi evergreen perennial plant in the family Iridaceae. 

It is a clump forming perennial of narrowly sword-shaped leaves with erect stems carrying solitary or clustered, star-shaped or bell-shaped flowers in spring or summer Details S. striatum is a clump-forming perennial, to 80cm tall, with fans of grey-green, narrow, linear to lance-shaped leaves. Remove dead foliage after flowering. Propogate via division. 

Height x spread: 80cm x 50cm

Postion: Well drained but moist soil - full sun ideally

Hardiness: H4 Dislikes wet winters and excessive cold. 

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