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Longcombe Cross

Jubaea chilensis

Jubaea chilensis

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The Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm is almost as variable as the plain species in terms of colour, habit and size. They are similarly robust, taking, when established, any degree of drought or wind and are, if anything, slightly more hardy to cold than their plain green cousins. They are perfect companion plants for the hardier succulents like yucca, dasylirion and nolina. Choose a position in full sun for best colour, also valuable in the hot, dry conservatory where they will take any amount of heat.

We also sell seeds of Butia, Cordyline, Jubaea, Livistona, Brahea, Washingtonia, Syagrus, Ceroxylon, Lytocaryum and Trachycarpus seeds amoungst others. Please see our other items, we also offer postage saving for multiple items. Thank you.

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