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Longcombe Cross

Cornus Florida 20L

Cornus Florida 20L

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Cornus Florida is one of the more compact flowering dogwoods. Florida can grow to a height of circa 3 metres tall x 3 metres wide over a period of about 20 years and therefore a perfect ornamental tree for smaller gardens.

From a very young age, it already begins flowering abundantly and produces large white flowers that cover its branches in spring, making it a more early flowering variety than other Cornus Kousa which flower in early summer (usually June).

The flowers are offset by lovely green foliage that turns a dramatic purple red in autumn.

In late summer, early autumn, it produces an edible red soft fruit (circa 1 inch in diameter) that tastes sweet and liked by birds.

This tree likes a sunny position and good, well drained soil.

• Non-evergreen tree with green leaves and white flowers

• Height x spread, range: 3m x 3m

• Position; enjoys a sunny position

• Soil pH: all soil types.

• Moisture: likes well drained soil, moisture retentive soil

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