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Apple 'Plum Vite' 7L Pot - Rootstock MM106 - Cooking Apple

Apple 'Plum Vite' 7L Pot - Rootstock MM106 - Cooking Apple

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'Plum Vite' is a dual purpose dessert/culinary variety that produces a sweet and sharp apple with plenty of juiciness. It is great for those who want apples early in the season, as fruit can be ready by July with the right conditions. It has a soft rather than crisp texture with a rich and fruity flavour and can be cooked to a delicate puree that is unsurpassed by other early cookers. It is a particularly good variety for growing in the Westcountry as it has a natural resistance to scab. 'Plum Vite' originates from Exeter in Devon.

Pollination - Group 2

Cropping  - Very Early cropper - from July. Makes excellent puree.

Rootstock  - MM106 For bush trees growing to 12-15 feet/4-5 metres in maturity depending on variety. Trees start cropping in two years from planting and are in full cropping after 5-6 years. Can be grown as a bush tree or trained as cordons or espaliers. Fruit can be grown in the lower half of the tree and can be picked from the ground.


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