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Apple 'Bramley's Seedling' - Malus domestica 'Bramley's Seedling'

Apple 'Bramley's Seedling' - Malus domestica 'Bramley's Seedling'

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Apple 'Bramley's Seedling' - Malus domestica 'Bramley's Seedling'

Simply recognised as the best English cooking apple, Bramley trees produce an abundance of large green fruit. Their crisp and sharp flavour make it a favourite when making juices, puree or a zingy cider. However, these apples are really in their element when cooked as their flavour becomes much sweeter. The trees themselves are very hardy and generate beautiful white flowers from April to May, attracting pollinators to the garden. This is a self-sterile tree so will need a pollinator. Two-year-old dwarf root stock supplied.

• Non-evergreen fruit tree with green leaves and white blossom in Spring

• Other benefits: red fruits

• Wildlife attraction: bees, birds

• Height & spread (approx.) at 10 years: 2m x 2m on dwarf rootstock

• Position: likes sun

• Soil pH: all soil types

• Moisture: likes well drained soil, moisture retentive soil

• Pollination: group 3, fruits with 2-4. Triploid

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