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Cherry 'Kordia' 7L pot

Cherry 'Kordia' 7L pot

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Kordia is a new black cherry variety from the Czech Republic that produces large fruit with glossy black skin and an excellent flavour.

The trees have good general disease resistance and are bred to avoid fruit splitting, which can often occur with irregular watering during the summer.

Pollination - Group 4

Cropping  - Mid August  

Rootstock options - Gisela 5 is equivalent to the apple M26 Semi Dwarf rootstock, producing a tree 2.5-3m (10ft) tall after 5 years, approx 50% the size of a standard cherry on seedling rootstock.  Gisela 5 will come into fruit bearing in its third year. Cherry trees on Gisela 5 cannot support themselves so you will need a 2m permanent stake or training against. Gisela 5 was developed as a cross between two species of ornamental cherry, Prunus cerasus (the sour cherry) and Prunus canascens.

- Dwarf Root Stock, New Pigmy Cherry tree grown on Dwarf root stock. A real patio novelty as they grow to no more than 1.8-2m tall and they will bear an abundance gorgeous fragrant spring blossom and delicious fruit. The fascinating slow development of the blossom throughout the summer cumulating in beautiful, mouth-watering fruit is highly rewarding.

Provide regular feeding and watering, and to keep the area around the tree free from competing weeds or grass.



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