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Longcombe Cross

Cherry 'Cherokee' 7L pot - Gisela 5 Semi Dwarf

Cherry 'Cherokee' 7L pot - Gisela 5 Semi Dwarf

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Black fruit of excellent flavour, also known as Lapins

Pollination - Group 2

Cropping  - Late July 

Rootstock  - Gisela 5 is equivalent to the apple M26 Semi Dwarf rootstock, producing a tree 2.5-3m (10ft) tall after 5 years, approx 50% the size of a standard cherry on seedling rootstock.  Gisela 5 will come into fruit bearing in its third year. 

Cherry trees on Gisela 5 cannot support themselves so you will need a 2m permanent stake or training against. 

Provide regular feeding and watering, and to keep the area around the tree free from competing weeds or grass.

Gisela 5 was developed as a cross between two species of ornamental cherry, Prunus cerasus (the sour cherry) and Prunus canascens.



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