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Longcombe Cross

Apple Red Devil - Malus Red Devil

Apple Red Devil - Malus Red Devil

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Malus domestica 'Red Devil'

Apple Red Devil, is a fantastic new apple tree which produces crisp fruit with unusual red flesh. The apple is very juicy with a hint of strawberry and pink flesh. Pink-red blossoms in spring and fruits in September. A great self-fertile variety that's easy to grow and has good disease resistance. As with other trees can be pruned to keep down to a manageable height or restricted by growing in large containers.

• Non-evergreen fruit tree with green leaves and pink-red blossom in Spring - apples in September

• Height & spread (approx.) at 10 years: 3m x 3m can be restricted by pruning or growing in a pot. 

• Position: likes sun

• Soil pH: all soil types

• Moisture: likes well drained soil, moisture retentive soil

• Pollination: group 3, fruits with 2-4. Limited self fertility

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