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Longcombe Cross

Apple 'Farmer's Glory' 7L Pot - Rootstock MM106

Apple 'Farmer's Glory' 7L Pot - Rootstock MM106

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Farmer's Glory is a vigorous Devonshire apple tree variety, that can be eaten or cooked. It has a sharp quality that becomes sweeter as it ripens.

Pollination - Group 3

Cropping  - Pick in August / Stores till October

Rootstock  - MM106 For bush trees growing to 12-15 feet/4-5 metres in maturity depending on variety. Trees start cropping in two years from planting and are in full cropping after 5-6 years. Can be grown as a bush tree or trained as cordons or espaliers. Fruit can be grown in the lower half of the tree and can be picked from the ground.


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