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Syagrus Coronata Palm Tree - 5 seeds

Syagrus Coronata Palm Tree - 5 seeds

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This very distinctive and attractive Syagrus has leaf bases arranged in five spiral rows, and petioles with long, flat, spinelike projections. Its mature height is 3-12 m (10-40 ft.), the trunk is about 30 cm (1 ft.) in diameter, and the stiff leaflets are whitish beneath and are held erect, giving a very handsome appearance. It is one of the most common palms in its homeland of Brazil, one population having been estimated at half a million individuals, but is still rather uncommon in cultivation. Subtropical or dry tropical climates suit it best.
All seeds float tested, palms possibly capable of surving -6c.

We also sell seeds of Butia, Cordyline, Jubaea, Livistona, Brahea, Washingtonia, Syagrus, Ceroxylon, Lytocaryum and Trachycarpus amoungst others. Please see our other items, we also offer postage saving for multiple items. Thank you.



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