Fagus sylvatica Purpurea - purple beech

Fagus sylvatica Purpurea - purple beech

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Fagus sylvatica Atropurpurea - Copper Beech, Purple beech. The Purple Beech is a very popular choice as a standalone specimen and make great alternatives to fences or walls when grown as hedges.  It has stunning dark purple-red foliage in the spring, turning into a dark green-bronze gradually over the year. 

• Non-evergreen tree with purple leaves

• Other benefits: grey bark. Red-copper foliage in Spring & Autumn

• Wildlife attraction: bees, birds

• Height & spread (approx.) at 10 years: 7m x 7m

• Position: likes sun; tolerates part shade, light shade. They will grow perfectly well in either sun or partial shade and thrive on almost any well-drained soil. 

• Soil pH: all soil types • Moisture: likes moisture retentive soil

• Winter hardiness: very cold to -20C

Supplied in a 3L black pot