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Longcombe Cross

Chamaerops humilis "Vulcano" Rare Cold Hardy Palm! - 10 seeds

Chamaerops humilis "Vulcano" Rare Cold Hardy Palm! - 10 seeds

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'Vulcano' is a compact, bushy, suckering palm up to 2m high with one or more stems covered in leaf bases, spiny leafy stalks, stiff broad leaves divided into leaflets, bluish or greyish green above and silvery beneath, and flowers from spring to summer, the male flowers bright yellow and the female flowers yellow-green, followed by yellow to orange-brown fruit


We also sell seeds of Butia, Cordyline, Jubaea, Livistona, Brahea, Washingtonia, Syagrus, Ceroxylon, Lytocaryum and Trachycarpus amoungst others. Please see our other items, we also offer postage saving for multiple items. Thank you.

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